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Meet Anu John Kuntharayil

Kuntharayil Anu
As a mother of two, Anu John Kuntharayil had concerns about finding a graduate degree program that would fit into her schedule. She also wondered if it would be difficult to return to school after a decade-long break to focus on family. However, Kuntharayil remained undeterred, drawing on the support of the people closest to her.

“My family encouraged me to chase my dream and pursue a master’s in accounting,” said Mrs. Kuntharayil.

After researching different options, Kuntharayil found what she was looking for in an online Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program at DePaul University.

“I appreciated that DePaul gave me the opportunity to complete my master’s in an online setting,” said Kuntharayil. “The best part is its equivalence to a fulltime MSA program.”

DePaul’s online MSA program is taught by award-winning faculty, including CPAs from Big Four accounting firms, as well as small- and midsize organizations across the country. With the hands-on practice and knowledge Kuntharayil gained throughout the online MSA, she also bolstered her confidence in pursuing her CPA license.

Read on to learn more about Anu John Kuntharayil’s experience in DePaul’s online MSA program.

Please describe your background.

I was born in the suburbs of Mumbai, India, and graduated from Mumbai University. My major was in accounting. After graduation, I worked with an accountancy firm and learned Indian audit taxation and financial audit. I was then hired by Siemens Information System, where I learned business accounting. After that I worked with a couple of multinational companies in Mumbai. I currently live in Ohio with my husband and two kids.

Why did you select the DePaul University online Master of Science in Accountancy program among others that you may have been considering?

When I was researching colleges, I appreciated that DePaul gave me the opportunity to complete my master’s in an online setting.

“The best part of the online MSA program is its equivalence to a fulltime MSA program. The curriculum was competitive, the admission process was smooth and the turnaround was quick. I was very impressed and decided to go with DePaul. The admissions advisor diligently worked with me and helped me with the process.”
– Anu John Kuntharayil, online Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) at DePaul University, expected completion: June 2022

What has the online learning experience been like for you?

The online learning experience has allowed me to be a wife, mother and a full-time student all at the same time. The course materials, lecture recordings, and activities can be accessed anytime I need them. I can also replay parts of the videos back and recordings to better learn the material.

My online courses include discussion boards and Zoom meetings, allowing me to interact with professors and students. These elements make class work more interesting as we get a chance to share our personal experiences in the discussion while improving our writing.

How have your experiences been with faculty, staff and fellow students?

Although I now live in Ohio, I grew up in Mumbai with different accounting practices. I am also a mother of two. I decided to pursue my master’s with DePaul after taking a decade-long break from formal/structured education. Before starting the course I was apprehensive and wondered if I would be able to utilize online learning effectively and pass the exams. All my fears were put to rest with my amazing professors.

Their structured weekly content, organized way of teaching and weekly Zoom calls gave me the confidence to prepare in depth for the exams. All my professors were easy to approach via e-mails and video conferencing.

I am very happy with the way DePaul advisors worked with me on various aspects of my courses. It has been amazing. They took care of many things like a good friend. They regularly checked in with me on my courses and any impediments that I may have encountered.

How has the program benefited you already and how do you foresee it benefitting you in the future?

As I mentioned, I am an international student, so completing the program let me further develop my expertise of accounting practices in the United States. In general, gaining additional skills in communication and problem solving has helped me. Also studying with a weekly goal has helped enhance my accounting knowledge. My goal is to complete the MSA and go on to pursue a CPA.

What knowledge and skills have you acquired that you find especially valuable?

I have learned a lot from the program. Some of the skills that I have acquired include self-motivation, being flexible, time management and enhanced critical thinking skills.

What would you like others to know about this program?

Two things I want others to know is that it’s a quarter-based program, and that it can give you the foundation to pursue a CPA. The quarterly schedule worked well and let me balance taking care of family, studying and completing course assignments on time.

What is your favorite aspect about being a member of the DePaul community?

My favorite aspect of the DePaul community is the people. I value the positive interactions I’ve had with professors, students and counselors. I am thankful that DePaul gave me the opportunity to be part of their accounting family.

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