About the Online MSA Program

The program is designed for professionals seeking career mobility and is intended to prepare students for the CPA exam. The curriculum equips students to understand the underlying methods and approaches toward solving complex accounting problems. Graduates are trained for a successful career in the accounting profession.

Could be Completed in as Few as 18 Months

The program is designed to be completed in two years by taking two classes at a time with continuous enrollment. Depending on your background, some courses may be waived—allowing you to complete the program in as few as 18 months.

Flexible and Convenient

All courses are taught asynchronously with weekly deadlines that fit your schedule. You do not have to be online at specific times. Courses are designed to allow you to maximize learning and master the material at your own pace weekly.

11-Week Courses

Our courses are offered on a quarter system, providing you with appropriate time to focus on concepts and application. Each course lasts eleven weeks, with a midterm and final. Review the schedules here.

Pedagogical Design

Our expert faculty collaborate with Instructional Designers to craft exemplary online courses. Via the mix of online videos, reading, discussion, quizzes, and assignments you will learn to expertly analyze, evaluate, and apply theory and principles.

Study Schedule

Expect to dedicate 10-15 hours a week to study. You have the flexibility to decide how best to allocate your time, and you may find some topics easier to work through than others. We recommend a daily study schedule in which you spend an hour or more successfully balancing work and study.


Exams are facilitated through a secure online proctoring service, providing you the flexibility to take the exam on your schedule. A computer with a webcam is required to be able to take exams. Additional details for this will be provided in your online class content.

*Pass rates refer to all master's students who graduated from DePaul.